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Virtual presenters can prepare a pre-recorded video presentation in the following ways :

  • Recording a video of the presentation
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation with slides and a voice-over, and saved as a video

The file must be in VIDEO format (*.MP4 or *.MOV). We won’t accept any other formats.


Record or Create your Video

  • Record a video presentation: You can record your presentation through a camcorder, web-camera or mobile phone with at least 4 mega pixels quality. Feel free to open your video in an editing program (Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, AVID, Final Cut Pro or other editing software), according to your expertise and convenience, to make alterations and all kind of editing (putting a title, your name, etc.). Save your file either in *.MP4 or *.MOV (extensions format).
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation with a voice-over: Use the PowerPoint program or similar to compose your presentation in slides. This software is convenient and easier for most of people, but you’re welcome to use other tools, to create more advanced presentations. We suggest you start by present a picture of yourself with email contact and affiliations, with a welcome message to the audience; keep it easy and brief. Use an audio recording device, such as a microphone or other external voice recorder, music, etc. Once you have you PowerPoint slides, you can insert the audio files using the program itself:
    > click Insert
    > Movies and Sounds
    > Sound from file (choosing the location of your audio files).

    You can also record your voice with PowerPoint in each slide, if desired
    > click Insert
    > Movies and Sounds
    > Record sound

    You can create self-running slides, including your voice narration. After you made the synchronized PowerPoint presentation, turn it into a movie file:
    > click File
    > Make Movie
    The opened window will allow you to choose the location where you want to save your video from the PowerPoint presentation. Save your file either in *.MP4 or *.MOV (extensions format).


  • Spoken and written words must be in English.
  • Try to achieve a good quality voice recording by making it in a quiet setting and by speaking clearly and in a paused manner.
  • Videos and PowerPoint videos should be kept simple, transmitting information clearly, like in a poster presentation with the respective contents. Use clear and visible characters in the writings when editing text or topics.
  • Review your video and watch it several times in your video player, to make sure everything is fine.


  • The duration of the video should not exceed 3 minutes
  • Full HD – 1080p, Large file size and full high quality (1920 x 1080)
  • The common video formats are supported, with preference on *.mov / *.mp4
  • The video shall not exceed 100 MB
  • The video file must be uploaded on the submission platform here (To be announced) by 17 August.
  • The pre-recorded video presentations will be available from 22 August to 23 September
  • Authors of pre-recorded video presentations can be contacted via email by any conference participant who wishes to discuss the contents of the presentation.