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The City of Bergen will welcome ICP14 participants in


Monday 29 August at 18-19 hrs / 6-7 pm

Address: Bergenhus 10, 5003 Bergen. Phone: + 47 479 73 242. Map

This medieval cultural monument was built between 1247 and 1261 by the viking king Håkon Håkonsson. It was the largest and most imposing building of the royal residency in the 13th-century, at the time when Bergen was the political centre of Norway.

The building was used both as a royal residence and a banqueting hall. When his son Magnus Håkonsson Lagabøte (“the law maker”) married the Danish princess Ingeborg in 1261, 2000 guests were invited. The Hall was also used for major national events, such as the drawing up of Norway’s first complete set of laws.