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Frequently asked questions

How do I submit an abstract?
All abstracts should be submitted through the submission portal. You will find guidelines in the portal that help you during submission.

How long should my abstract be? And what about formatting?
The abstract should not exceed 2000 characters including spaces. Only text is allowed, no pictures, figures or tables. Use a minimum of formatting in your abstracts.

Can I submit more than one abstract, and is there a cost involved?
Yes, you can submit up to two abstracts. Your second abstract has a fee of 600,- NOK, which has to be paid at registration.

Can I edit my abstract?
Yes, you may edit your abstract in the portal at any time prior to submission. However, once submitted you cannot further make changes to your abstract. If you still discover that vital changes are necessary after you submitted, please send an email to sec.icp14@uib.no with the subject “Abstract Submission”.

When will I be notified of my abstract’s status?
Notification of abstract acceptance/rejection will be sent by 11 April 2022.

I’ve submitted an abstract, but I want to withdraw it. What do I do?
Please contact sec.icp14@uib.no with the subject “Abstract withdrawal”.

If I have any other enquiries about my abstract, who do I contact?
Please contact sec.icp14@uib.no, with the subject “Abstract submission”.

What size/format should my poster be?
Check the instructions here