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The following workshops will be take place before, during and after ICP14

Local workshop coordinator Katrina.Nilsson-Kerr@uib.no

Last updated: 31 August


Title: Pyleoclim Town Hall at ICP14

Date & time: Wednesday August 31st , kl 13:30-14:30 / 1:30-2:30 pm

Info and registration here

Wednesday, August 31, 14:45 Griegsalen

ICP14 ECR Open meeting

Networking and publishing are important pillars of a scientific career. This informal meeting, organized with support of PAGES ECN (ECN | PAGES (pastglobalchanges.org)) is an opportunity to connect with other early-career researchers in a friendly environment. Scientific publishing is the focus topic of this meeting. With invited speaker James Super, attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about scientific publishing.

James Super has been a senior editor at Nature Geoscience since 2019 following a PhD at Yale University focused on biomarker reconstruction of warm past climate. His research has sought to improve understanding of proxy systems as well as test the mechanisms responsible for Late Cretaceous and Neogene climatic evolution. He received a BS in Geological and Environmental Sciences and an MS in Earth Systems from Stanford University.

All early-career researchers at ICP14 are very welcome to join!

Title: Boron-CO2 workshop: testing and extending the limits of the foraminiferal boron proxy for seawater pH and atmospheric CO2 reconstructions

Date: September 4th

Visit the workshop webpage

Register here. Deadline 20th June.

Title: A synthesis of Cenozoic paleoceanographic proxies for seawater oxygenation

Date & time: September 3rd , 9:00-15:00/ 9 am-3 pm

The workshop is fully booked